Protecting biodiversity, and minimising carbon emissions 


Our sustainability policy has two objectives. Firstly, we must protect Fiordland National Park and its unique biodiversity for future generations' enjoyment. Secondly, we must minimise carbon emissions incurred through visitor activities in this special place.

Protecting Fiordland's biodiversityDOC-Approved-label-180

Bushbash operates in in the national park thanks to a permit from the Department of Conservation. This permit rightly requires us to comply with New Zealand's environmental code called Leave No Trace.

We pack out what we pack in, tread lightly around native plants, and set up any overnight camps with care, ensuring we comply with any fire restrictions or bans.

We take care over toilet arrangements, using back country toilets if available, or making sure we 'freedom poo' well away from streams and lakes.

Education is key to the protection of Fiordland National Park by future governments. We give you an opportunity to learn more about the conservation efforts being taken to protect the flora and fauna of this special place.

kea 3Our guides are actively involved in trapping programmes and hunting to reduce numbers of invasive, introduced pests such as stoats and rats (which kill native birds) and deer (which destroy and eat the birds' habitats). We also support local campaigns against invasive commercial development in the national park. We also fundraise for the Kea Conservation Trust, protecting the endangered and magnificent kea parrot (pictured right), often seen flying around us on multi-day Bushbash expeditions.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Many Fiordland tour operators promote quick dash trips from Queenstown to Milford Sound and back in just one day; a mammoth 600 km round trip for just a few hours in paradise.

Bushbash is different. We are committed to slow tourism; enabling our clients to have more hours experiencing Fiordland per carbon miles travelled.

Our trips are much less rushed, and are in closer, less visited, but equally beautiful corners of the National Park, such as around Lake Manapouri (pictured above).

We also encourage clients to arrive in Te Anau (the Fiordland township where our adventures start) by public transport. We have good links with local public transport providers between Te Anau and the nearest cities. Go to The Bushbash Experience for transport information. 

Once here, we transport you generally only a short distance to the start of your adventure in a 7-seater, safe, modern vehicle, driven slowly and carefully (because road safety matters to us just as much as wilderness safety). Most of our adventures start within just 10 km of Te Anau. Some of our trips also begin with short, leisurely boat rides to access more remote corners of the national park.

....while treading quietly

Other tour operators offer more exciting transport options such as jet boat rides and helicopter trips. Although these transport options are undeniably exciting, and can help visitors access particularly remote areas, they sadly also cause noise pollution. We prefer our national park to be peaceful, so prefer to avoid these transport modes where we can.



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