Our mission

Our mission statement and corporate social responsibility policy

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Bushbash mission

·To provide an intimate wilderness experience for small groups of 6 and fewer plus guide, reaching areas of Fiordland traversed by few, particularly gaining access to remote areas of native and pristine bush and alpine regions

· To provide a safety-first operation, following safety plans and with clear emergency procedures

· To operate in regions that have a mixture of lower-use tracks and no tracks and are away from the more heavily used great walks, to achieve a greater sense of proximity to the true wilderness and beauty of Fiordland

· To provide a meaningful learning experience about the bush and its ecology and the human impact on the region, delivered by Southlanders based in the Fiordland area

· To increase clients' skills at bush walking in safety and while protecting the environment

· To access regions that are as local as possible to Te Anau township, to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles, boats, float planes and helicopters – only using motorised transport where necessary to access the regions we need to access

· To take things slowly. To give clients the time to appreciate the wonder of Fiordland at its own pace, using the power of just our own bodies.

· To grow things slowly. To operate a small selection of quality trips that require few carbon miles and are delivered professionally, and expand from there only if appropriate and sustainable to do so.

Bushbash Corporate Social Responsibility policy

· Give clients a true appreciation of the wilderness and beauty of the National Park and the need to conserve it through positive actions, such as trapping and following the guidance of the Leave No Trace movement.

· Provide meaningful lifestyle employment for local people.

· To realise a proportion of profits for charities that protect endangered New Zealand birds.

· Reduce congestion on great walk tracks, through use of less well travelled areas, and enabling small groups to access these remoter areas safely and in a sustainable manner.

· Reduce the chance of inexperienced trampers risking their own safety in remote areas by offering them instead the opportunity to be guided appropriately.

· Reduce carbon emissions by offering trips that are local to the region.

· Encourage longer stays in the Te Anau area, which is so special, through this meaningful contribution to the region's tourism providers.

· To enable people from across New Zealand and the world who take part in Bushbash trips to also, if they desire,  fundraise for a range of charities by raising sponsorship from their adventure.



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