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    Definition of bushbash:

    To walk (bash) through New Zealand wilderness (bush) and have an epic and safe adventure (brilliant time while staying alive)

  • lakeman

    A lake away from civilisation

    Travel across Fiordland's beautiful lakes and start your walk where roads don't go. We guarantee you will escape the crowds.

  • magical-forest

    Magical forest walks

    We take you off track through verdant forests straight out of Lord of the Rings in the heart of the national park.

  • grasses

    Away from the crowds

    Get away from the camper vans and tour buses. Join an exclusive group of no more than six people.

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    Unique, majestic, isolated

    Fiordland national park is 1.2 million hectares of uninhabited, forested wilderness. We take you there.

compassBushbash is owned and operated by qualified bush instructors.

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rucksakYou need general fitness and the right clothes to join a Bushbash expedition.

How fit and what kit?

Explore Fiordland's wilderness on a Bushbash off-track guided adventure

Bushbashing means stepping off the tourist trail and into wilderness with experienced bush guides. In small groups of no more than six, we lead you off track through Fiordland forest to secret waterfalls, rivers and hill tops with forever views, well away from other walkers. Whether you book a day trip, or a multi-day camping trip, you'll leave with a unique insight into this world heritage recognised national park.

"Best trip in NZ. Brilliant knowledgeable guides." Clara, California

"A get-away-from-it-all trip. I felt I was discovering Fiordland like the first explorers." Dave, Manchester

New Zealand's Fiordland

1.2 million hectares of majestic, uninhabited, forested wilderness

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